Future of Mountain Tourism in Nepal


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Himalaya is one of longest Mountain range in Asia spanning from Afaganistan to Burma( Myanmar). Nepal, beautiful Himalayan country has eight Mountain summits over 8000m including highest peak on the planet, Everest (8848 masl). These beautiful snow-clad peaks always became place of mystery for hundreds of years. Explorers and adventure seekers started to dream of climbing these mountains. Several attempts to climb Everest and Annapurna before 1950 A.D shows human thirst to conquer the Summits.

After successful climb of Mt. Annapurna (8091 m) by Maurice Herzog in June 3rd, 1950 and Mt. Everest ( 8848m) in May 29th by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgey , Nepal and its Mountain related adventures draw attention of thousands of people; specially from Europe and America.
Trekking is physically less demanding adventure reaching as far as the Base Camp of Mountain. Trekking along the foothills admiring the beauty of Himalaya is genuine Tourism product of Nepal. Mountaineering and Trekking Sector are two major contributors in foreign currencies in National treasury.

Our Mountains are our future. Himalaya is source of clean water for one fourth of human population in the world. They are just like frozen water Tanks, also known as water tower of Asia.
Today, most of those peaks are polluted and contaminated by the huge amount of garbage left By Mountaineers and their support crews. Uncontrolled number of climbers ( Example:- Everest , Spring season 2019) becoming an international issue.

Photo: Sheskanta Sharma

One the other hand, unplanned road digging/building and damaging fragile landscape along some of the most popular Trekking routes ( Example:- Annapurna circuit, Manaslu Trek) will put off international Trekkers.
It is never too late to practice sustainable development methods and Nepal has no options. Hope, our dynamic tourism minister will take right and thoughtful action in the context of Visit Nepal Year 2020.